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WCCCC has grown to be one of the largest independent Chinese Christian conferences. Our annual Winter Conference is designed just for students and young adults--and run by volunteer students and young adults.


From fellowship retreat to WCCCC

WCCCC began in 1969 when a group of foreign born Chinese Christian students gathered for fellowship over the Christmas break. This winter retreat continued up through 1971. In 1972, the winter retreat planning committee elected to place their efforts in the planning of the North American Congress of Chinese Evangelicals (NACOCE). After the NACOCE meeting, this winter retreat began its transformation into a full fledged "Winter Conference."

From this onward, WCCCC has grown into a regional conference ministering to students and young adults, both foreign and American born, from over 100 different groups and churches.

Through the Years

Directions, Themes and Main Speakers

A Christian Message (in Chinese)
1969 Christian Life and Christian Living Paul Han, Bellman Lin
1970 The Fullness of Christ Yan-Tak Woo, Moses Chow
1971 The Cross and I James Taylor Sr., Newman Sze

The Turning Point - From Self to Others
1972 No conference - joined NACOCE meeting
1973 The Challenge of Discipleship Peter Yuen, Timothy Lin

The Revelation About the Kingdom of God
1974 Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done Peter Yuen, Timothy Lin
1975 Thy Kingdom, My Commitment Peter Yuen, Timothy Lin

A Call to a Selfless Life
1976 The Fellowship of His Suffering Peter Yuen, John Pao
1977 To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain Frank Harris, Masumi Toyotome

Towards His Great Commission and His Field
1978 Church, The Great Commission and Me Frank Harris, Gregory Owyang
1979 Beseech the Lord of the Harvest Frank Harris, Fred Cheung

A Theological Awakening - The Glory and the King
1980 To the Praise of His Glory Paul Shen, David Adeney
1981 Let the Church Declare His Glory Wayland Wong, David Adeney
1982 Be Ye Ready for the Returning King Frank Harris, Timothy Lin
1983 To Reign with Christ in Glory Frank Harris, Fred Cheung

Victorious Christian Living
1984 More Than Conquerors Through Christ Gregory Owyang, Paul Shen
1985 Unto the Fullness of Christ Paul Shen, Philip Teng

A Campaign Towards Evangelism
1986 For the Love of Christ Constraineth Us Richard Malcolm, Fred Cheung
1987 To Proclaim the Unfathomable Riches of Christ Richard Malcolm, Philemon Choi
1988 For We are the Fragrance of Christ Darryl Delhousaye, Herman Tang
1989 In Demonstration of His Spirit and Power Darryl Delhousaye, Hey-Chun Maak

Preparation for the Second Coming
1990 To be Unblamable in Holiness at His Coming Jerry Bridges, Peter Chiu
1991 Fight the Good Fight as You Long for His Appearing Ron Jewe, Paul Shen
1992 What Does the LORD Require of Thee? Jim White, David Hoc-Tey

Our Role as Christians Now and In the Future
1993 Walk as Children of the Light: A Call for Action Jeff Louie, Philemon Choi
1994 Plant Your Feet, Therefore, Within the Freedom of Christ Timothy Warner, Tong Liu
1995 Preach the Word; Be Ready in Season and Out of Season Gregory Koukl, Milton Wan

Living for Jesus in a Changing World
1996 Offer Your Bodies as Living Sacrifices James Cecy, Arnold Yeung
1997 I Desire to Do Thy Will, Oh My God Dale Burke, Stephen Lee
1998 Live a Life Worthy of the LORD (Dick Dowcett) Gregory Koukl, Albert Ting

Unleash the Power of Christ
1999 Trust in the LORD with All Your Heart Gregory Koukl, Ka-Lun Leung
2000 Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind Wallace Louie, Simon Tsoi
2001 Delight in the Fear of the Lord Keith Booth, Albert Ting

Revive Us Oh Lord
2002 Return with a Heart to Know God Simon Tsoi, Philemon Choi
2003 Walk in the Light of the Lord J.P. Moreland, James Taylor III
2004 Stand Firm! Give Fully to the Work of the Lord Jerry Bridges, (Chih-Hok Wong)

Impact Our Generation for God
2005 Wash One Another's Feet Jeff Louie, Milton Wan
2006 Surrender and Take Up Your Cross Daily Simon Tsoi, Ka Lun Leung
2007 Consecrated to Thee, Lord Keith Booth, Joseph Tong
2008 Be an Instrument for Noble Purposes Steve Wong, Philemon Choi
2009 Present Yourselves to God as an Approved Worker Simon Tsoi, Thomas Leung

Leaders for God's Kingdom
2010 Deny Yourself and Follow Christ J.P. Moreland, Alman Chan
2011 Take Up the Full Armor to Stand Your Ground Johann Lai, Ka Lun Leung
2012 Stand Firm in One Spirit - For the Faith of the Gospel Mark Strauss, Ting Yik Leung
2013 The Surpassing Worth of Knowing Christ Chuck Booher, Enoch Lam

Building on the Cornerstone
2014 Be Rooted and Built Up in Christ Joe Brown, Stephen Lee
2015 Be Holy, Because God is Holy Sam Tsang, Joseph Wong
2016 Walk by Faith, Not by Sight Walter Lau, Gordon Sau Wah Siu
2017 Follow in His steps Gil Stieglitz, Mitchell Herring
2018 Be Reconciled to God J.S. Park, Lawrence Fung

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