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Workshop Session A* - 12/29/2018
A1: Knowing God’s Will When He is Quiet (English)
A2: Follow Your Gift or Your Passion? (Cantonese)
A3: Be A Blessing in the Workplace (TBA)

Workshop Session B* - 12/29/2018
B1: Can I Be the True “Me” in Church? (Cantonese)
B2: Can I Lose My Salvation? (English)
B3: How to Keep Seekers Engaged at Church (Cantonese)

Workshop Session C* - 12/30/2018
C1: Knowing God’s Will When He is Quiet (Cantonese)
C2: Can I Be the True “Me” in Church? (English)
C3: Evangelism in Everyday Life (English)

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