Communication Department
Webmaster (1 internal and 1 external)

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I.  External webmaster
A.  Take care of the official WWW home page of WCCCC.
B.  Update the contents of all WCCCC web pages to ensure the published documents correctly represent WCCCC
C.  Work with Graphics Designer if necessary for the graphical design layout of the web page.
D.  Be responsible for implementation idea brought about as needed by the Planning Committees or the Communication Department Vice Chair or to work closely with the necessary publicity efforts.
E.  Help publish Messenger on the web.
F.  Work with other Christian organizations which have web sites to exchange ideas and resources.

II.  Internal webmaster

A.  Help publish and maintain the staff website
B.  Maintain a comprehensive archives of the Conference activities, including committee meeting minutes, reports, special projects, financial history, personnel, evaluations, etc on the web.

Special qualifications:

1) Able to develop software to generate dynamic web documents if necessary.
2) Able to spend time in the maintenance of the web site.
3) Knowledge of HTML, CGI, Java, JavaScript are preferred.

Communication | EC Org Chart | Staff

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