Student and Young Adult Department
Student Vice Chair

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I.   Prepare and chair departmental meetings.
II.  Be sensitive to the spiritual level and morale of the Executive Committee members.
A.  Work closely with Chairperson and Young Adult Department Vice Chair in finding ways to stimulate further spiritual commitment from them.
B.  Write letters and articles to deepen their understanding of the theme.
C.  Communicate through letters, phone calls with every member one or more times during the term.
III.  Co-work with Speaker Coordinator.
A.  Assist in the new selection of the afternoon Student Related workshops should unforeseen changes have occurred, such as last minute cancellations.
B.  Review and offer advice to the introductions and presentation of the Plenary Sessions and workshops.
C. Introduce the Student Plenary Session speaker and the Plenary Session in conference.
IV.  Co-work with Small Group Coordinators.
A.  Help develop an overall recruitment strategy specific to the area if Young Adult Department Vice Chair is in other area (North vs. South). Otherwise, the strategy must encompasses both the North and the South.
B.  Draft and send the first recruitment letter to potential leaders, introducing Small Group Coordinators. The list of potential leaders include leaders from previous years and attendees of How to Lead Bible Study workshops.
C.  Maintain a triangular network with Student Small Group Coordinators throughout the recruitment.
D.  Inform and instruct the Executive Committee on ways to increase recruitment.
E.  Assist and supervise recruitment of Bible Study Leaders (BSL's) and Cabin Sharing Leaders (CSL's).

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