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I. Offer secretarial help to Chairperson.
A.  Record business meetings.

1.  Take minutes at business meetings.
2.  Submit minutes to Chairperson for review and type finalized version.
3.  Help print and send out the minutes. Keep a file and note important deadlines.

B.  Handle internal and external correspondence of Chairperson.

1.  Prepare letters of correspondence, invitations, etc. to speakers, guests, and delegates as instructed by Chairperson.
2.  Type general letters to Committee members on behalf of Chairperson.

C.  Maintenance of Conference files.

1.  Develop accessible file system for all phases of operation of the Conference movement.
2.  Follow up on various Committee members for incomplete (but essential) records.

D.  Update Executive Committee directory.

Special qualifications:

1) Has basic secretarial skills.
2) Prefer to have knowledge of Chinese.
3) Prefer to have some computer skills.
4) Prefer to have access to a computer or a laptop.

Cabinet | EC Org Chart | Staff

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