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To develop for the student and young adult conferees a challenging in-Conference program that expounds on the theme and articulates the philosophy of the Movement, addressing particularly to their needs. To promote a grass-root involvement from them through the small group ministries.


I.  Term of service: it is approximately one year, starting after the election of the Executive Committee, and ending after the election of the Executive Committee the following year.

II. Planning and executing: the Student and Young Adult Departments carry out the will of the Planning Committee with regards to the December Conference program.

A.  Theme expositions, group Bible study, prayer sessions, students and young adults related workshops.
B.  Invite plenary session and workshop speakers.
C.  Missionary and full-time ministry exposure.
D.  Recruitment and development of qualified students and young adults as small group Bible Study Leaders (BSL’s) and Cabin Sharing Leaders (CSL’s).
E.  Assistance in Sunday worship and Communion.


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