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I.   Design of registration procedures..
A.  Oversee design of the registration portion of the poster and registration form and submit to Graphics Designer by June Executive Committee/Planning Committee retreat.
B.  Finalize the confirmation letter by August Executive Committee meeting.
C.  Obtain updated cabin bed/room, class and meeting room information from Administration Department Vice Chair as soon as they are available from the camp facility. Work with Information Processing Team Leader to update the database as soon as possible.
D.  Handle registration by mail.

1.  Screen forms received before processing (e.g. sort out forms that have minimum registration fee set by the Conference or minimum amount of vital information, etc.).
2.  Reply in weekly grouping to the admitted conferees with letter of acknowledgment, including receipt of registration fee, map, packing list,  transportation information, etc. Consult Publicity Department Vice Chair for inclusion of a welcome letter.
3.  Visit campground with Administration Department Vice Chair and General Affairs and Display Booth Coordinator by mid-October.
4.  Setup schedule for assigning cabin groups, Bible study groups, and workshop sessions, with help from Student and Young Adult Department Vice Chair starting first week of December, .
5.  Assign scholarship to needy conferees by first week of December under the direction of Administration Department Vice Chair, Chairperson and Treasurer.

E.  Handle registration at Conference.

1. Oversee the in-conference registration, and answer special registration requests at the help desk.

F.  Handle part-time and special registrations..

1.  Keep track of part-timers, especially for meal and cabin assignments..
2.  Provide special assistance to speakers and late arrivals.

II.  Handle in-Conference administration.
A.  Interface with campground manager and officers. Update any information to Administration Department Vice Chair or Chairperson.
B.  Handle day-to-day affairs.

1.  Coordinate with General Affairs in keeping track of conferees' cabins information.  Coordinate with Student and Young Adult Vice Chair to keep track of Cabin Sharing Leaders (CSL) and Bible Study Leaders (BSL) information.

C.  Finalize registration head count with Treasurer for final balance and billing settlement with the campground coordinator.
III.  Prepare post-Conference reports.
A.  Supply properly sorted listings to Database Manager for typing of mailing lists by end of January.
B.  Compile statistics of objective nature by January Planning and Executive Committee meeting. Present and recommend changes for improving the Conference ministry at the Planning and Executive Committee meeting. Work with Survey Evaluator.

Special qualifications:

1) Must have access to a team of available helpers committed to help in large quantity of manual work.
2) Should be knowledgeable enough to use computers efficiently for registrations
3) Should have knowledge of Microsoft Access database.

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