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I.   Before the Conference.
A.  Prepare and chair departmental meetings.
B.  Design the general framework of activities before the second Executive Committee meeting; with detail and specifics to be filled in by the department members.
C.  Review and discuss the departmental activities and schedules with the department members from May to December of the current year.
D.  Supervise and execute the plans for the department.
E.  Finish the first draft of the Publicity Manual and design publicity strategy before the second Executive Committee meeting.
F.  Obtain church databaase information from Database Manager and mail out conference invitation letter to church passtors/leaders by mid-July.
G.  Prepare and distribute a Publicity Manual for each AR and work with AR to arrange two Publicity Team Members (PTM) training sessions (1 North and 1 South) by mid-July.
H.  Ensure and update the church listing from previous years, divide up the list for each Area Representative (AR) and provide each AR with previous visitation reports and documents before August 1.
I.  Obtain the conferee mailing list from previous Registrar and send first publicity letter or postcard to last year's conferees before September.
J.  Encourage the Executive Committee members to participate in early registration program.
K.  Communicate extensively with each AR during the campaign, providing help and suggestion when needs arise, and continuously update church list.
L.  Send second publicity letter and registration form to previous conferees around November 1.
M.  Send final publicity letter to remind previous conferees about registration deadline around December 1.
N.  Monitor registration progress by soliciting information from the Registrar and take necessary actions.
O.  Work with Area Representatives (AR's) to organize a team of welcoming committee members, act as host and hostess on the opening day (December 26) of the Conference  by December 15.
P.  Work with Administrative Department Vice Chair, General Affairs, and Area Representatives to thoroughly think out the effective ways in welcoming the conferees and smooth the check-in process on the opening day by December 15.
II.  During the Conference.
A.  Arrive early on the opening day of the Conference.
B.  Serve as host and hostess in welcoming the conferees to the Conference.
III.  After the Conference.
A.  Collect visitation reports for all AR's before January Planning Committee/Executive Committee meeting of the following year.
B.  Prepare a summary and recommendation for the coming Conference before the January Planning Committee meeting of the following year.
C.  Transfer all related documents and database to the next Publicity Department Vice Chairs.

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