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In accordance with the vision and direction of the Conference, the Publicity Department specializes in promoting the Conference to the target groups and serving as a bridge between the Conference and the West Coast Chinese Christians.


I.  Term of service: it is approximately one year, starting immediately after the election of  Executive Committee, terminating after the election of the next year's Executive Committee.
II. Planning and executing.

A.  During the Planning Committee meetings from January to May, the basic framework for task and schedule will be laid down, providing a guideline for detail planning within the department.
B.  The first departmental meeting will be held on the day of election, during which the department members will be introduced to their jobs.
C.  Execution of the department plans starts immediately after the election. The preparation work should be done before the posters are available. Therefore, a sound and realistic working schedule should be carefully defined as soon as possible by Publicity Department Vice Chair. Once the publicity campaign started, it becomes the major activity of the Executive Committee, with the Publicity Department in the spot-light.

III. Activities

A.  Preparation before the publicity campaign.

1.  Formulate a publicity strategy aimed well at the target  groups.
2.  Prepare a database to organize the publicity targets and coordinate efforts between the Area Representatives (AR’s). Update any existing church and Christian group listing.
3.  Prepare the Publicity Manual and make sufficient copies for the Area Representatives.
4.  Recruit Publicity Team Members (PTM) and arrange two PTM training sessions (1 North and 1 South).
5.  Setup visitation schedules/appointments with church/fellowship groups.
6.  Distribute posters, registration forms and publicity videos.

B.  Running the publicity campaign.

1.  Maximize efficiency by carefully prioritizing visitations, with the most likely to be receptive as the highest priority.
2.  Monitor the use of poster and other materials.
3.  Setup communication networks to quickly response to local needs in promotion and unexpected situations.
4.  Solicit feedback from visitations and document all responses.
5.  Encourage all the Executive Committee members to participate and to be concerned about the publicity campaign.
6.  Monitor registration progress and take actions whenever necessary.


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