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I.   Preparation of overall budget.
A.  Acquire information from Chairperson and Speaker Coordinator for current year’s major campground, speaker expenses, and determine fees (full-time, part-time, meals, overnight fees, and scholarship).
B.  Study previous year’s report and make projections.
C.  Propose budget collaboration with Chairperson and all Vice Chairs then submit to Planning Committee for approval at the Planning Committee/Executive Committee retreat.
D.  Make recommendations for budgeting the next financial year, submit to Planning Committee Chairperson, and develop a formula for budgeting by the third Planning Committee meeting of the following year.
II.  Organize bookkeeping and accounting records
A.  Undertake required signature changes for bank accounts at taking for office.
B.  Keep track of spending in all departments. Keep accounting records up to professional standards.
C.  Work with Chairperson and Registrar in assigning scholarship to needy conferees.
D.  Send reminders and advice to departments that are over-spending.
E.  Reimburse officers at regular intervals. Have a schedule of Accounts Payable.
F.  Produce financial status report during mid-October, November, and December for Executive Committee.
G.  Reconcile bank statements.
III.  File legal financial forms.
A.  File Federal and State Income Tax Forms for the conference.
B.  Prepare income statement at end of financial year (by July 31).
C.  Pay dues to state and federal government and post offices.
IV.  Attend to in-Conference duties.
A.  Reimburse speakers and pay honorarium in conjunction with the thank-you notes from the Speaker Coordinator.
B.  Work with Registrar during registration time, and handle finances for late-comers.
C.  Provide regular financial reports to Planning Committees (suggest about every 3 months).
D.  Handle payment to the conference camp site fee.

Special qualifications:

1) Has formal training in accounting.

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