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I.  Prepare campground.  
A.  Check out condition of campground facilities.

1.  Secure supplies before the conference. (i.e. batteries, walkie talkies, envelops, pens, signs and scotch tapes etc.)

2.  Visit the campground with Administrative Department Vice Chair, Registrar, Production Manager and Display Booth Coordinator by mid-October.

3.  Extract relevant rules, regulations, and precautions and send them to Handbook Production for the handbook (including the campground map) by first week of November.

B.  Direct traffic.

1.  Setup road signs at strategic points near the campground for conferees to follow.

2.  Setup signs for incoming traffic with regards to parking directions.

C.  Take care of Conference materials.

1.  Hang up theme banner in auditorium.

2.  Secure blackboards, overhead and video projectors, screens, chairs, and tables as requested by the Speaker Coordinator, Counseling and Follow-up Coordinator, and Audio Recording.

II.  Provide comfort and convenient services.

A.  Train a small team of assistants (about 3 to 4 people).
B.  Setup complaint and service request box and design procedures on handling them
C.  Interface with campground staff on maintenance of heaters, lighting, and on supplies such as toilet paper, blankets, and pillows, etc.

Administration | EC Org Chart | Staff

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