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I.  Setup a viable system to provide meal time service.
A.  Express our menu preference to the dietitian before mid-October.
B.  Recruit meal ticket checkers before the conference.

II.  Handle Dining Hall administration.

A.  Interface with campground kitchen staff.

1.  Meet with Campground staffs at the beginning of the conference.

2.  Explain to conferees the kitchen system used and introduce campground staffs by the first meal.  Show appreciation at the last meal.

3.  Inform kitchen of meetings which are running late.

B.  In charge mealtime activities.

1.  Arrange people to say grace.

2.  Monitor announcement making by limiting them to before and after meals.

3.  Schedule groups who would like to minister or entertain other conferees during the meal time.

III.  Take every opportunity to minister to the conferees.

A.  Break the ice.

1.  Encourage self introduction around the table.

2.  Introduce yourself and make yourself friendly to the conferees.

3.   Dress nicely at the first meal because you are the first WCCCC representative that conferees see on the stage of the entire conference.

B.  Minister others.

1.  Prepare encouraging words, share stories, songs, and verses.

2.  Remind them of their purpose in coming to the Conference but do not preach. Be gentle.

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