Display Booth Coordinator

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I.   Contact related organizations or bookstores for the conference. Work with Speaker Coordinator to contact the current year speakers. The invited speakers' organizations have the priority.

II.  Visit Conference Camp ground with Administration team (Administration Vice Chair, General Affairs) in Mid-October to measure the room size and availability.  Work with Chairperson to determine the number of display booths to setup.

III.  Mail Conference Camp ground book selling agreement to all organizations that are confirmed to come as soon as the agreement is available from the conference camp ground.

IV.  Work with Chairperson in set up WCCCC booth.

V.  Submit display booth organization information to Handbook Production by early November.

VI.  Submit display booth room layout to Administration Department Vice Chair by Dec.

VII.  Arrange time frame for the organization to arrive at the Conference and make sure to greet them and help them set up properly.

VIII.  Post display booth organization and floor plan outside the display area.

IX.  Make sure there's no English books selling at the display area if the conference camp ground has their own bookstore.

X.  Recruit 2 former Planning Committees to promote and answer questions and recruit Planning Committee/Executive Committee and events for WCCCC at WCCCC booth

XI.  Watch over the display booth area everyday.

XII.  Write thank-you notes to the organizations who came and encourage them to give feedback  after conference.


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