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I.   Prepare the Conference publicity material.
A.  Design the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference poster.

1. Study the theme of the current Conference.
2. Allow at least three preliminary design entries before selecting the winner of the poster contest. The winner will be selected at the May  Executive and Planning Committee meeting immediate after the theme of the conference is chosen.
3. One month after the design is selected, the designer should present finalized poster front design at the next Executive Committee meeting.

B.  Collect all registration and speakers information that are to be printed on the back side of the poster after finalized the design.

1. From Chairperson: welcoming message.
2. From Speaker Coordinator: workshop speakers information and workshop descriptions.
3. Consult with the Registrar and design the registration form.

C.  Oversee the printing of the poster and registration form

1. Finish the final layout of the form within a month after the final design is approved.
2. Proofread the poster layout. Submit to Communication Department Vice Chair for approval.
3. Submit to printer for printing, together with exact specifications and personally supervise the work being done as soon as the final layout are done.  (This schedule may be changed based on the publicity schedule.)

II.  Prepare the December Conference material.
A.  Design handbook cover.

1. Print the handbook cover the same time as the posters are printed.

B.  Design the Conference theme stage banner in both Chinese and English.
III.  Offer consultation and design help to other departments.
A.  Help in newsletter layout and art works if needed.

Special qualifications:

1) Has demonstrated ability of creative graphic design.
2) Has ability to do layout and paste-up work.
3) Has practical knowledge of photography and art.
4) Has familiarity with printing specifications.
5) Has access to various art resources such as art supplies and personnel.

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