Database Manager

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I.   Create and manage conference database
A.  Planning Committee database: workshop and plenary topics and suggested speakers.
B.  Publicity database: target churches and fellowship groups with key contact information.
C.  Messenger database: conference alumni and event alumni (from other WCCCC events i.e. praise night) postal and email addresses.
II.  Publish and distribute reports from the databases.
III.  Train end-users at key departments (i.e. Publicity, Administration Department) to use the information.
IV.  Up-keeping of Conference directories.
A.  By the end of January, prepare conferees’ directories for each year. Obtain sorted list from Registrar.
B.  Updating of Conference mailing lists.

1.  Add new names, eliminate out-dated ones and update upon receiving change-of-address notices. This task is best accomplished by using the same computer program as the Registrar used.

Special qualifications:

1) Prefer to have knowledge of Microsoft Access database and Microsoft Excel.
2) Must have basic database concept.

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