Communication Department
Communication Vice Chair

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I.  Prepare to chair departmental meetings.

II.  Provide the necessary technology of achieving the Conference literature, records, audio and video tapes, photos and mailing list. The use of a micro computer is highly recommended.

III.  Assist and provide directions to the personnel in the department.

IV.  Coordinate with the Publicity Department in producing the publicity materials such as posters, videos and registration forms.

V.  Coordinate with the Administration Department in performing in-Conference recording.

VI.  Coordinate with the Speaker Coordinator for the speakers' and workshops' information to be printed on the poster.

VII.  Look for prospective poster designers for the current Conference.

VIII.  Prepare and coordinate poster selection during the committee meeting.

IX.  Keep track of meaningful archives of the December Conference audio-visual recording.

Communication | EC Org Chart | Staff

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