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Bible Study Leader (Not a voted position)

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I.   Attend a mandatory training session before the conference in the local area.

II.  Review Bible Study passage. Pray, study and review the materials prior to the conference.

III.  Lead a 45 - 60 minute Bible study every morning at the conference in the designated language (Cantonese, English, or Mandarin). Please use the pre-study material and do not use extra materials without checking with Bible Study Coordinator or Student/Young Adult Vice Chairs. Encourage the members in your group to fill out the evaluation in the handbook.

IV.  Pray for each Bible study member daily once receiving a list of members for your Bible study group and the meeting place for your group at the conference.

V.  Attend daily in-conference meeting for discussion of difficult questions that might occur.

VI.  Be a life witness and share Gospel with the non-Christian in the group and pray for them.

VII.  Be ready for a in-conference counseling when there's an alter call.  Pray for the conferees who come forth for the alter call assigned by Counseling and Follow-up Coordinator. All BSL's are expected to be the in-conference counselor for those who come forward during commitment time (typically at the end of evening message).

Notes for counseling:

1.  Counselors should only meet with the same gender and language capability.
2.  During the counseling, review the commitment he or she has made. Offer encouragement through specific Bible passages and prayer.
3.  At the end of the counseling session, encourage the conferee to complete the commitment form provided by the conference and turn it to the Counseling and Follow-up Coordinator.
4.  Encourage new Christians to stay until the closing ceremony of the conference to receive his or her personal Christian birth certificate.
5.  If you have questions during your counseling, the Counseling and Follow-up Coordinator will be there offer assistance.


1.  Must be a born-again Christian.
2.  Recommended from peer or fellowship leader would be ideal.
3.  Must attend the current year conference full-time.
4.  Have a good relationship with God.
5.  Should have at least one year of Bible Study leading experience in his/her own fellowship or church.
6.  Should have attended a Bible Study Training session.

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