Student and Young Adult Department
Bible Study Coordinators (1 North/1 South)

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I.   Prepare the Bible study materials.
A.  Coordinate with each other, each chooses the passages as his or her responsibility.
B.  Spend one month doing research for the passages, writing textual outlines and study guide during the process.
C.  Finish first draft of textual outlines and question sets, send them to Student and Young Adult Department Vice Chair for suggestions by July Executive Committee meeting. Work closely with Vice Chairs.
D.  Finalize the study guide and question sets by September Executive Committee meeting.
E.  Conduct a mock pre-study session on the materials and make necessary modification after the mock training by October Executive Committee meeting. Pass the question sets to to the Speaker Coordinator to give to main speakers as a   reference.

F.  Submit materials to Handbook Production by the 2nd week of November.
II.  Train a team of Bible Study Leaders.
A.  Help develop a standard of qualification Bible Study Leader’s training materials (may use previous materials).
B.  Conduct pre-study sessions (twice in North, and twice in South).
C.  Schedule in-Conference meetings for questions, feedback and evaluation.
D.  Offer suggestions for group assignment to Registrar for specific cases.
E.  Help Small Group Coordinators organize an appreciation and evaluation meeting by February.
Special Note for pre-study:

1.  The pre-study session should contain short summary, and question-and-answer sessions by Bible Study Coordinators.
2.  Suggested pre-study session are one before Thanksgiving and one at the beginning of December.

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