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Audio-visual Recording

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I.   Administrate audio-visual related duties during the Conference.
A.  Prepare audio-visual equipment.

1. Assess the needs for audio-visual equipment during all sessions of the Conference, inquire about availability of such equipment at campground and from churches or individuals, and borrow them for use if necessary.
2. Oversee proper handling of such equipment. See that they are brought to campground and keep track of all borrowed items. Be sure that they are immediately returned after the Conference.
3. Contact the Speaker Coordinator for equipment needed and for workshop sessions that are to be recorded. Assign individuals and supply tapes and/or recorders.
4. Assist Publicity Department for interviews with conferees.

B.  Process orders.

1. Work with campground personnel responsible for recording before the conference to make sure all recording schedule and equipment are going to be ready.
2. Double check the equipment before every Morning, Evening message, Plenary Session and Workshops.
3. Set-up procedure, policy and deadlines for customers and yourself. Close the book by January 31 and submit record to Treasurer.
4. Seek economical means of tape reproduction.
5. Prepare order form and send to Handbook Production to be put into the handbook by 2nd week of November.

II.  Manage post-Conference tape archiving.
A.  Send tape masters to Communication Department Vice Chair for archiving.

Communication | EC Org Chart | Staff

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