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I.   Assist Chairperson in preparatory meetings.
A.  Arrange for all Executive Committee meetings and Executive Committee/Planning Committee retreat.

1.  Secure proper meeting place. Make hotel and room reservations (if required). Publish map and driving directions.

2.  Coordinate housing and transportation for committees (if required).

3.  Send thank-you note to host (if appropriate).

4.  Arrange for refreshments.

B.  Preside over parts of the Executive Committee meeting under direction of Chairperson.

1.  Chair the sessions related with administrative affairs of the corporate nature (e.g. timetable discussion)..

2.  Chair the departmental meeting.

II.  Administrate those Executive Committee posts under his supervision.
A.  Coordination in smooth cooperation of the members under his direction.

1.  Oversee the preparation of the campground facilities with the Registrar, General Affairs, and Mealtime MC.

2.  Advise and coordinate the two Transportation Coordinators.

3.  Insure proper delegation and positioning of additional extra-cabinet assisting workers needed during the Conference (e.g. information, lost and found, photography, and recreation).

4.  Visit campground with Registrar, Production Manager, General Affairs and Display Booth Coordinator by mid-October.

III.  Assist Chairperson in running of the Conference.
A.  Serve as a channel of communication between the conferees, the cabinet, and the campground administration.

1.  Address question from conferees concerning any administrative details should the person under him/her is unable or inadequate to answer them.

2.  Keep constant communication with campground personnel.

B.  Assist Chairperson in certain upstage duties.

1.  Make announcements regarding detailed administrative affairs.

2.  Take charge and maintain order for Chairperson in case of emergency if necessary.

IV.  Act as Legal Counsel to oversee legal proceedings for the Conference as a non-profit organization.

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