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First Aid

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I.  Implement preventive measures to minimize the risk of illness to the conferees.
A.   Advise conferees of potential causes of illness and accidents with regard to actual campground characteristics, recreational activities, and weather situation, etc.
B.   Have health pertinent information printed in the handbook.

II.  Treatment of illness or accident.

A.   Obtain from the Registrar the availability of medically trained personnel by end of November.
B.   Setup health team to provide care on a rotating basis by mid-December.
C.  Get information of nearest dispensary/clinic or emergency hospital. Alert and instruct team members on what to do in case of emergency.
D.   Design sick call forms to keep record of conferees seen and treated.
E.   Bring basic medical supplies and drugs to Conference, updating previous supply.
F.   Have sign on door of medical station designating available hours and location of doctors, nurses, and health team members.
G.   Make announcements and post instructions in registration hall regarding detailed procedure to get help.
H.   Keep a daily log of all accidents and illnesses.  
I.   Inform Cabin Sharing Leader (CSL) of his or her members who are sick.
J.   Isolate patients with high fever and flu symptoms if necessary.

Special qualification:

1) Registered nurse or medical doctor preferred.

Administration | EC Org Chart | Staff

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