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Customize your WCCCC experience by choosing workshops focused on missions, spiritual growth, contemporary issues, and theology.


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A1 Local Missions

Let's learn about important social issues that impact our local community. Interactive workshop challenges us to take action. English.

A2 Understanding Different Denominations

We often hear of different denominations for churches like Alliance, Baptist, Nazarene, and Presbyterian. What are the differences between them? How does each denomination serve the body of Christ in diversity and unity? Dr. Samuel Ho. Cantonese.

A3 Progressive Revelation of God's Kingdom

The term Kingdom of Heaven has been used frequently in sermons and books but little is known about it. The Gospels spoke of it as a mystery. The Lord’s Prayer mentioned about asking God for His Kingdom to come. Is there a difference between Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven? George Shen. Mandarin.


B1 Overseas Missions

Are you ready to be used by God: anywhere, anytime? Explore the challenges of short-term (and longer) overseas mission trips. English.

B2 Living in a Broken World: How Do We Influence the World?

Jesus taught us to pray, "Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." How can we maintain our spiritual identity as God’s chosen people despite the overwhelming pressure to conform? How do we participate in God's world-repairing project? Rev. Ka Ho Jim. Cantonese.


C1 Has God Prepared "THE ONE" for Me? What is My Response?

Has God prepared a specific person that I am destined to marry? If there is "THE ONE", why do many Christians still break up? How do we approach dating in a way that glorifies God? Brian and Charlene Wong. English.

C2 A Biblical Approach to Conflict Management

As Christians, there are many times when we are caught in an argument or are put into a position to act as a peacemaker between two people. What is the biblical approach to resolving conflict? TBD. Cantonese.


Confirmed Speakers (to date)






Brian and Charlene   Has God prepared "THE ONE" for me? (C1)

Brian and Charlene have been married nearly 9 years. They currently reside in Roseville, CA with their two boys, Joshua and Jake. Before moving to Roseville, they lived in beautiful San Luis Obispo and were advisors for Chinese Christian Fellowship at Cal Poly. They were involved in mentoring/discipling a number of students, including several in romantic relationships. They love sharing their story of God's work in their marriage and family.


詹牧師於2009年開始於三藩市南灣牧會,負責粵語部青年事工。 除了關顧羣羊之外, 詹牧師更致力於透過釋經法研經和敬拜領袖訓練, 來建立平信徒領袖。他於2012年被按立為牧師, 現為Talbot神學院的教牧學博士候選人(D.Min. [ABD]),主修釋經講道學。因著從主而來的清晰異象和信念, 詹牧師於2015年年中與另一位教牧同工憑信心開始了在南灣的植 堂事工 ,先以家庭教會的形式,與十位委身的信徒一同開始建立了「 天行聖經教會」Skywalk Bible Church, 旨在幫助該社區的人能夠與神聯繫、建立親密關係, 並建立基督的門徒。

George Shen   Progressive Revelation of God's Kingdom (A3)

George Shen was born in Shanghai, China and grew up in Hong Kong. He went to University of the Illinois in Chicago to study Information Engineering. After he accepted the Lord in his junior year, his life changed and it also included a major change to Materials Engineering. Between his BS and MS program at U of I, he went to study at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for a year where he met his future wife Lois. George worked as a New Product Development Manager and Clinical Affairs on orthopedic implants for Bristol Myers’ subsidiary Zimmer and holds 5 patents. After moving to California, he worked as a sales rep of orthopedic implants for Zimmer, Pfizer and Stryker. He has served as a Sunday School teacher since college and translator at Chinese churches, conferences and books for many years. George is a member of the Global Edenics Team in Chinese and contributed to the book The Origin of Speeches, Intelligent Design in Languages. He has co-authored articles on dental prosthetics, orthopedic implant and archeology. He retired in 2015 but in May 2017, he received an appointment from a Medical School in southern California the position of Adjunct Research Instructor of Orthopedic Surgery.

沈壽康生平: 他出生於中國上海,在香港長大。他去芝加哥伊利諾伊大學學習信息工程。他在大三學年後接受了主,他的生命也變了,包括轉修材料工程。在學士學位和碩士學位之間, 他去芝加哥的穆迪聖經學院修謮了一年和遇到了他未來的妻子樂兒。曾任百時美施貴寶骨科分公司捷迈新產品開發經理和臨床事務專家,有5個專利執照。搬到加州後,他擔任捷迈,輝瑞和史赛克骨科公司貨品銷售代表。 曾任中國教會,會議和書籍翻譯員多年和主日學校教師。他也是全球伊甸園古語團隊的中文成員,為“語言的起源,語言智能設計”一書作出了貢獻。他發表的文章有牙科,骨科和中國考古學的文章。 他於2015年退休後但在2017年5月,他被南加州的醫學院聘請為骨科研究特定教師。

Melvin Wong   Biblical approach to conflict management

Dr. Melvin W. Wong, Ph.D. is a licensed Clinical Psychologist for family, forensic and neuropsychology. He has a private practice in San Francisco since 1990.
Dr. Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong but educated and stayed in the U.S. since 1970. He was Honorary Director of the Pastoral Counseling Program at the Hong Kong Baptist Theology Seminary as well as co-worker at CCM 中信and CFFC 家新. He was Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF School of Medicine and Attending Psychologist at SF General Hospital. He has done volunteer teaching at many universities and seminaries in Asia and China. He has completed 6 years of earthquake relief work in Sichuan as well as volunteer work in Cambodia where he assisted/supervised the prevention and aftercare of human trafficked victims. He allocates 25% of his time for missional volunteer work abroad in Leadership Development, Clinical Training and cross-cultural psychology. He is also a board member of Herald Foundation 号角, Exodus Global Alliance, Culture Regeneration and Research Society, Canada 文更, FiCF 基督豐榮團契. His latest clinical research and interests are: Traumatized Asian Women: prevention and treatment strategies; Sexual Violations: Prevention and Recovery; Gender Identity Formation: Theory and Practice; homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, transgenderism. Christian Leadership and Management Theory. Prevention of Divorce and Single Parenting: Children aftercare; for orphans and street children Human-Trafficking: Prevention and aftercare reintegration in Cambodia.

Authored Books: Raising Gender Confident Kids, Trauma Survivors’ Casebook
QQ Web video: Legends of Overseas Chinese (30 minutes), Pain Chaser 苦難的追隨者

Dr. Samuel Ho   Understanding Different Denominations (A2)

何崇謙牧師 Samuel Ho 聖言資源中心副會長 聖言講道學院副院長兼教務長

學歷:PhD Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, USA. PhD Trinity Theological Seminary USA. DTS Columbia Evangelical Seminary USA. STM Yale University Divinity School USA. 道學碩士 香港中國神學研究院 1986 哲學碩士 香港中文大學 1983 文學士 香港中文大學 1981

事奉簡略:美國基督工人神學院 教務長、系統神學副教授、教牧學博士課程主任2011-15 澳洲維省宣道會宣信堂 創堂宣教士及堂主任 1987-1990 西雅圖華人宣道會 主任牧師 2004-2011 加拿大恩道華人神學院 客座教授 2011至今 加拿大克理威廉神學院 客座教授 2006至今 香港中國神學研究院 副教授兼中國文化研究中心研究員 1998-2003 香港基督徒藝術協會 主席 1998-2009

著述:Faith and Practice: Liturgical Renewal in Chinese Churches, (主編1998) 《名畫與聖誕》(CD, 1998) 《心弦蜜語:傳道書的幽默與真善美的追尋》(1998) 《心筆在絃:靈修小品》(2006) 《超然的啟視:從藝術到靈性》(2007) 《回眸聖言:十步文萃》(主編) (2016)

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