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"Be Holy, Because God is Holy" (Leviticus 19:1-2) was the theme of the 2015 Winter Conference with main speakers Dr. Sam Tsang and Rev. Joseph Wong.


Workshop Presentations and Notes

Sharing the gospel with confidence

Many Christians want to share the Gospel but they do not know how. Some try to convince others through their own "testimony." Unfortunately, their own experience does not represent the content of the Gospel, merely how they themselves came to know the Lord. This hands-on seminar will equip you to share the Gospel by using an open Bible. The authority comes from God's own Word. Speaker Richard Yen shows you how to present with confidence and your friend will enjoy the experience of receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior. Best used after fellowship hours and church services.

- Presentation (English): PDF
- Script (Chinese and English): DOCX
- 4 Kingdom Steps (English): PDF, JPG

Becoming True Disciples On College Campuses

Many Christian groups approach college students by inviting them to attend church events, present the gospel, and help them to go to church. We would like you to join our discussion on how to develop a campus ministry by following the example of our Jewish Lord, share your insights and experience. Speaker Tony Chan will explore and discuss: (1) the imperative of the great commission by our Jewish Lord; (2) the application of Scripture from an Hebraic perspective; (3) the Jewish perspective toward making disciples; and (4) lessons learned from college campuses


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2015 Handbook

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